About Us

Located in Northern Illinois Happy Leaves was formed in 2013 with the goal of providing customers with the newest and best smoking / vaping products at a reasonable cost.   We have the ability to manufacture custom pieces along with the latest and greatest products on the market. Being the manufacture of several lines allows us to take advantage of significant discounts on large quantity purchases. We then pass these savings onto our customers by providing the lowest prices.

We provide the very best customer service by offering 24/7 assistance and helpful telephone support. This ensures that our customers have immediate access to our "Vape Experts" who can answer questions and provide guidance for every need.

We're a supporter of Kiva Micro Loans, meet us up there.

Kiva Microfunds (commonly known by its domain name, Kiva.org) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries. Kiva's mission is “to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”

Since 2005, Kiva has crowd-funded more than a million loans, totaling in excess of $950 million, with a repayment rate of between 98 and 99 percent. As of November 2013, Kiva was raising about $1 million every three days.The Kiva platform has attracted a community of well over a million lenders from around the world.

Kiva operates two models—Kiva.org and KivaZip.org. The former model relies on a network of field partners to administer the loans on the ground.[These field partners can be microfinance institutions, social businesses, schools or non-profit organizations. KivaZip.org facilitates loans at 0% directly to entrepreneurs via mobile payments and PayPal. In both Kiva.org and KivaZip.org, Kiva includes personal stories of each person who needs a loan because they want their lenders to connect with their entrepreneurs on a human level.

Kiva itself does not collect any interest on the loans it facilitates and Kiva lenders do not make interest on loans. Kiva is purely supported by grants, loans, and donations from its users, corporations, and national institutions. Kiva is headquartered in San Francisco, California.