Meet the 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Just Launched a Careers Site for Pot Jobs

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Meet the 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Just Launched a Careers Site for Pot Jobs

Go ahead and make your stoner jokes. It won’t bother the $7 billion cannabis industry one bit.

Legal weed now employs an estimated 120,000 people; a figure that’s expected to triple in the next few years, according to the research firm New Frontier Data.

For the weed dispensaries, farms, and software companies that will create the bulk of those jobs — and the job seekers who take them — there’s a new interweediery (you’re welcome).

Vangsters, a digital job platform à la or Indeed, rolled out this Wednesday with more than open 100 pot-specific positions. There are some salaried gigs, mostly in management roles at distribution and manufacturing facilities, but the bulk of the open spots are compensated hourly. Plant harvesters, trimmers, and salespeople (“budtenders,” if you will) make up the lion’s share.

Karson Humiston, a Denver-based 24-year-old entrepreneur who founded parent company Vangst Talent Network as a college student, has helped cannabis companies fill job openings for the last two years. Since then, her 20-person recruiting team has paired 3,000 people with pot jobs — and aims to fill another 10,000 by 2020.

Until now, Humiston has focused on recruiting top-level jobs like C-suite executives and food chemists for cannabis start-ups. The job board, which is free for users who fill out profiles and $70 a month for companies, caters to a broader array of positions.


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