Infused barbecue: Eight recipes to fire up the ultimate cannabis cookout

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 If you love both grilling and weed, these recipes will change your summer.

Sure, you could just put on your hemp apron, spark a spliff, fire up the grill and call it a barbecue.

But if you want to make your cookout more than a smoke-out, integrate these marijuana-infused dishes by Oregon-based edibles chef Laurie Wolf, author of “Cooking with Cannabis: Delicious Recipes for Edibles and Everyday Favorites.”

Mix and match these eight recipes for an ultimate infused barbecue and keep reading for tips and resources on making and dosing your own edibles.

• Thai iced tea: Laurie makes the cannabutter for this herbal tea with the strain Ace of Spades for a citrusy flavor profile and a “long lasting and totally positive” high.

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