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Where Green Turns to Gold
By: Jena Schlosser Photo: Jena Schlosser

Have you ever wondered what the cannabis looks like that makes the infamous incredible Extracts “Black Label” concentrates? I most certainly have, especially after ripping one of the Orange​ Soda vape pens or dabbing the fresh-frozen Sourband​ 09 hash Incredible Extracts offers. So, naturally I had to see for myself what kind of flower was behind all these rich, terpene filled concentrates.

To my sweet surprise I was given a tour through the spotless gardening facility of Incredible Extracts by partner and creator of the “incredible Extractor,” Derek Cumings. If you want to learn a thing or two about cannabis in Colorado—this man is your go to! I was led into a room filled with sweet, candy-like Durban Poison, Flo, Tange and their outstanding Orange Soda. Milky and amber colored trichomes filled my eyes while intoxicating terpenes seeped into my nasal system, truly a sensory overload! The team at incredible Extracts harvests an average of 100 to 200 plants weekly to keep the cycle ongoing and the concentrates flowing throughout the Colorado cannabis market.

Something that makes the incredible Extracts garden different than others is that they utilize both hydroponic and soil growing techniques. Their grow team has found some strains thrive while growing under one method whereas other strains enjoy the opposite. Botanicare is the nutrient line that has helped aid the creation of these beautiful flowers that are then turned into concentrates. Custom viewing windows have been put into place throughout the grow rooms so visitors can easily see the process while leaving the talented group of growers uninterrupted.


Last but certainly not least, is the team’s extraction lab where all the magic happens. It is insured that time and care are put into each and every harvest to preserve the flowers that in turn create award winning concentrates and hash pens. Fresh frozen flowers were being pulled out to create the golden oil incredibles Extracts is so popularly known for. A team of young, passionate cannoisseurs are the creators behind the “Black Label” hash we all so thoroughly enjoy, and I have to say it was a pretty badass feeling to be in a room filled with people who truly love what they do day in and day out.

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