'I kind of over-adjusted': Groom-to-be accidentally pours champagne all over his fiancée's face and body in Pinterest-inspired engagement photoshoot fail

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  • Alyssa Snodsmith, 24, and Collin Hewett, 23, turned to Pinterest for engagement photo inspiration
  • They found an image they liked of a man pouring champagne into a woman's mouth and tried to recreate it
  • Collin didn't aim well and missed Alyssa's mouth — and when she moved out of the way, he poured the bubbly all over her
  • The Illinois couple found the whole thing quite funny, and their photos have now gone viral on Twitter 

According to BuzzFeed, the couple, who met at Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois, got engaged in August and set a date for June 2020.

They then hired photographer Chandler Lefever to take snaps of them at Greene Valley Forest Preserve in Naperville, Illinois. 

At the park, they tried to recreate a photo they found on Pinterest, taken by Brianna Bender in Bend, Oregon in October 2018.

'We just thought it was fun. It kinda just matches us,' Alyssa said. 'We just like to have fun.'

But when Collin started pouring, he messed up. 

'Well, we found the right angle, but I didn’t find the right angle with the bottle,' he said. 'I was super hesitant the whole way and then it started to just dribble out the end. So I kind of over-adjusted.'

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