Former NFL Players Want to Open Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Ohio

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Former NFL players, Eric Metcalf (Cleveland Browns), Troy Smith (Heisman Trophy winner for Ohio State and NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers), and Ted Ginn Sr. (Father of NFL player Tedd Ginn Jr. and high school football coach) wish to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Ohio. The three have teamed up with entrepreneur Jim Buchanan who spent 16 years in Cleveland before moving to Seattle, where he got a first-hand look at the industry.

“I got into medical marijuana originally as a patient in the state of Washington. Then I got into the business side after seeing the effects of it on my body for arthritis and pain,” said Buchanan according to Fox 8 Cleveland.

When Governor Kasich signed a bill into law to legalize medical marijuana, Buchanan decided to move back to Ohio and become a part of the industry.

“Ted was really interested in the economic opportunities, as well as the medical aspect for his players, like Troy. Troy fell into this because of what it can do for his body after experiencing tons of collisions playing football,” said Buchanan.The former players and Buchanan traveled to Columbus to attend public hearings on finalizing the regulations for the Ohio medical marijuana industry.

“We’ve been looking in South Euclid. It is a phenomenal city, phenomenal location. We want to be in between a CVS and a Walgreen’s. We want to be where folks need medicine,” said Buchanan.

Despite 29 states allowing medical marijuana use and 8 states permitting recreational use, marijuana remains a banned substance by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Many players have come out in support of medical marijuana and view it as a much safer alternative to opioid-based medications for pain.

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