Experts say ‘serial poopers’ are in it for the rush

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Experts say ‘serial poopers’ are in it for the rush

For some, there no better way to get flushed with excitement.

A recent rash of “serial pooping” incidents in New York and around the country may have a simple explanation, one psychologist told The Post Tuesday — the thrill of breaking one of society’s biggest taboos.

“It’s clearly a violation of civil norms and police society,” said Frank Farley a professor at Temple University and former president of the American Psychological Association.

“But it’s got a deep risk-taking quality. You are truly pushing the envelope and getting to the edge of civil behavior.”

He added that there “is no rigorous research on serial public poopers,” and individual incidents may have several base factors.

But there’s no doubting that a series of recent incidents of people going in public has shed a light on what is usually some very private business.

In June, Ekwan Hill, 42, a homeless man, was busted at a Brooklyn shelter and charged with hurling feces at two women in separate incidents.

Last year, a former New Jersey school superintendent was nabbed in a sting relieving himself under the bleachers at Holmdel High School. Thomas Tramaglini, 43 — since dubbed “Pooperintendent of Schools” — tried to sue local police because they released his mug shot, only to have the suit dismissed.

Chicago’s “Mad Pooper” Ken Hu, 46, was identified on Oct. 15 as the man “wanted for using feces and food to deface vehicles and storefronts” dating to June.

In another “Mad Pooper” case in 2017, a Colorado Springs jogger was caught on video dumping on a neighbor’s yard on several occasions, with the footage going viral.

The “Bowel Movement Bandit” was Ohio’s version, relieving himself on at least 19 parked cars over the span of three years, eventually getting caught on video but not identified.

And it’s something of a global phenomenon — an unidentified blonde in pink running gear in Sydney, Australia, left at least four or five deposits outside a local public relations firm earlier this month.

Australia was also home to the “Poo Jogger,” with corporate executive Andrew Douglas Macintosh, 64, charged with public nuisance after neighbors caught him on film — literally with his pants down.

Macintosh, manager at a retirement investment group, dumped on the neighborhood at least 30 times, according to news reports.

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