Biggest Dispensary Weekend in Colorado? Labor Day!

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If someone asked you to guess the weekends when dispensaries make the most money, the weekend closest to April 20 would probably be high on your list. After all, 4/20 and, to a lesser extent, 7/10 are known as unofficial stoner holidays around the country. But the biggest weekend of all in Colorado? Last year it was Labor Day.

According to BDS Analytics, in 2016 the weekend of April 16 through April 18 (right before 4/20) brought in $5.61 million. That might sound like a lot, but it pales in comparison to Labor Day weekend 2016 (September 2 through September 4), which brought in $8.22 million. And July 8 through July 10, 2016, dispensaries collected $7.73 million.

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